expat.dyndns.org’s home away from home

July 27, 2006

If you’ve reached this site, expecting to find yourself at expat.dyndns.org then you’re in for a disappointment!

The site you’re looking for is temporarily down, either due to technical problems due to the constant mucking about with the site that the webmaster seems to insist on (when will he learn to live with “good enough”?!) or due to internet conectivity issues with the server.

If you came here any other way, please click on through to expat.dyndns.org, home of the AFL Ladder Widget for Mac OS X 10.4 Dashboard!

If you’ve ended up here looking for the AFL Ladder Widget and expat.dyndns.org is down, please follow this link to www.dashboardwidgets.com to find it at an alternative download site. You can also click on the icon below:

AFL Ladder Widget Logo

Otherwise, simply try again later to see if the site has come back on line. If problems persist please leave me a comment!